This article aims to build a payment disbursement system, for the frequent and high worth of transactions at the order of 100s of Million.

Illustration showing payment collections and disbursements.

The core responsibility of a fin-tech or neo-bank start-up is to make sure money movement happens securely from companies (clients) to respective agencies and employees. Varied payment methods and frequencies make the entire collection and disbursement process a bit complex. While maintaining hyper-growth and operating at the rate of 100s of million dollars, a single miss could make us lose money in a similar order.

What is Disbursement?

A company needs to create disbursement checks for a multitude of…

Originally published at on September 15, 2021.

The transition of working from the office to working from home/remote has led most people to rework the entire concept of collaboration. It motivated us to rethink workflow and optimize it for productivity and self-growth. Now that most of the organizations are planning to introduce a hybrid work model, I would like to share our learnings at Khatabook regarding remote tech team culture.

At Khatabook, we have worked and optimized the concerns of communication, workflow, and meetings. This article explains the thought process and motivation behind improving each concerning area.

A. Communication should be async

The motivation…

The motivation should be to convey the message with lesser words in the fastest way possible with no ambiguity.

The highly productive teams have mastered the skill of using various collaboration tools yet keeping the single source of truth. They know which tool to be used for a particular communication. And they don’t mix task-related discussion, with critical P0 alerts and informal gossips.

Faster, quicker, and async messages

We focus highly on non-verbal communication; which saves everyone’s time. For routine communication related to availability, no-internet, we use status. A simple reaction with 👍 or 👀 is enough to acknowledge the post.

Predefined status at org-level

No to quick-call; Yes to quick-share culture

  • Instead of quick-call, the…

Building infra to create personalized vernacular image content to support multiple languages for billions of users.

Preview: Catalog for Hindi and English created on run-time.

Indian products need to be built for the scale of diverse audiences. There are 22 major languages in India, written in 13 different scripts, with over 720 dialects. Providing content for Billions of users in their native scripts is a data-intensive problem. There’s a need to keep the visual experience consistent across all the languages.

Native ad-network ( platforms are solving this problem with the creation of vernacular content programmatically on run-time. The backbone of this infra is asynchronous image processing pipelines.

Why an async pipeline for processing images?

Reading, manipulating…

Data flow of geo-coding microservice

Geocoding is the process of transforming a description of a location — such as a pair of coordinates, an address, or a name of a place — to a location on the earth’s surface. At large most startups (except hyperlocal) need resolution upto the city level. Using third-party service to resolve sparse locations is ineffective, expensive, and creates a dependency on tech and business.

This post aims to provide a proven (implemented in GreedyGame) and quick approach to build scalable micro-service to resolve latitude+longitude to city.

With the investment of few hours, an engineer can implement the ability to resolve…

Robotic automation mimics the human workers with consistent quality and much higher production. Improvising or change in few lines of software code is always faster and cheaper than retraining hundreds of employees.

A robot that can draw!

Robotic automation promises to achieve the following goals.

  1. The repeated task with consistent accuracy and quality
  2. Perform multiple tasks parallelly
  3. Connect to legacy system via APIs.
  4. Scalable processing.

This post aims to provide understandings of good practices to build an automation pipeline, using the open-source library, PyAutoGUI. To learn, we will make automation to draw a diagram on MS-Paint. …

Cheers to 100s of #flipster, for creating a milestone.

It’s not about foreign entity taking over, not even about over/undervaluation.

It’s a new energy all those young startups who have taken courage to fulfill their dream.

It’s a glory worth hundreds of sleepless nights.

It’s a belief that those sleepless nights do count, even if no-one is counting.

It’s a reference to be used to convince Indian parents about starting a startup.

It’s a hope for a middle-class that mediocrity is still fragile economically.

It’s a story for those who tired till the end, atleast now they can comprehend what they aimed for.

It’s a time for those who are still looking to start a startup.

Bangalore, India — May 11, 2016 — GreedyGame, has announced the appointment of Samuel John to the role of Head of Operations. John, previously the Director of Operations at InMobi, brings with himself a wealth of industry experience, having been an integral part of InMobi’s international operations for a little under than five years.

Founded in 2013, GreedyGame solves the unique problem of branding on the mobile medium with its proprietary native advertising platform. By providing non-intrusive ads that don’t disrupt gameplay, the company helps brands to tap into their precise target demographic; publishers to monetise their content without the…

Keeping up with the ever evolving mobile space is quite a challenge and often game developers and publishers don’t find the time to look over blogs and insights related to the industry. Moreover, with the volume of data and insights flooding the internet, we find ourselves in quite the confusing spot as to which blogs and website we should be following.

We at GreedyGame took out the time to sort out this mess and give you a custom list of websites and blogs you should invest your time in:

Smashing Magazine


Online ads are obtrusive, obnoxious and annoying”

This one sentence summed up the feelings of a majority of the 20,000 participants from 12 countries participating in the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and Oxford University’s joint research.

I’m pretty sure that if you were asked to share your thoughts on the matter at hand, they wouldn’t be very different. A page that would otherwise load in half a second takes almost ten seconds to load when loaded with banner ads. Moreover, it does no good; the clutter plainly ruins the reading experience.

Imagine reading an intense political article…

Arink Verma

Code, arts, process and aspirations. co-Founded GreedyGame | IIT Ropar. Found at

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