Communication habits of a highly productive team

Faster, quicker, and async messages

Predefined status at org-level

No to quick-call; Yes to quick-share culture

  • Instead of quick-call, the highly productive team believes in the quick sharing of relevant information that contains an entire historical context.
  • They focus on detailed documented descriptions, across the tool. They use their tools integrated to streamline information flow without any redundancy.
  • Jira has shared discussions related to the task in the comment section.
  • Gitlab is integrated with Jira, to sync tickets with PR merge status.
  • Notion has organized brain-dumps of tech and design discussion.
  • Zoom records walkthroughs, KT sessions, tech talks for future reference.
  • Figma contains PRDs and design.
Communication stack each team should have.

Atomic and explicit messages

Avoid multiple back and forth; use atomically actionable messages.

Well planned and limited video calls

15 min daily stand-up

Brainstorming and planning

1:1 and team bonding

P0 critical incident

Learning and Takeaway




Code, arts, process and aspirations. co-Founded GreedyGame | IIT Ropar. Found at

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Arink Verma

Arink Verma

Code, arts, process and aspirations. co-Founded GreedyGame | IIT Ropar. Found at

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