Building high-perf image processing pipeline to create vernacular catalogs

Preview: Catalog for Hindi and English created on run-time.

Why an async pipeline for processing images?

A good rule of thumb is to avoid api requests which run longer than 300ms. ~ Experience

Setting high throughput message broker

Redis Push and Pop operation on Google’s n1-standard-2.

Workers pool

  1. Having a lock to avoid executing the same job in multiple workers.
  2. Able to handle and store failed jobs to be able to triage.
  3. Able to prioritize jobs based on the message.

Monitoring and Dashboard

Dashboard showing the state of workers and job

Implementation with Python and Redis

Architecture diagram in GCP.
"id": 1,
"style": {
"fill_color": "white",
"stroke_color": "black",
"x": 512,
"y": 900
"title": {
"hindi": "जोकर",
"english": "Joker"
"fonts": {
"hindi": "NotoSans-Bold.ttf",
"english": "NotoSans-Bold.ttf"
Image’s title showing Hindi and English script based on the above mentioned config.

Sample Project on Docker

Other use-cases for Image processing pipeline

  1. Adaptive resolution: Adjusting image size and resolution for a better experience across screen size.
  2. Annotations: Adding badges, icons over the image to grab attention.
  3. Creative Filter: Treating image to blend and make the image visually appealing
Example of image processing in Native Ads and OTT thumbnail

Further Reading

  1. Redis’s Push/Pop operation:
  2. RQ:
  3. RQ-Dashboard:
  4., ctypes-based simple ImageMagick binding for Python.




Code, arts, process and aspirations. co-Founded GreedyGame | IIT Ropar. Found at

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Arink Verma

Arink Verma

Code, arts, process and aspirations. co-Founded GreedyGame | IIT Ropar. Found at

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