It’s a glory worth hundreds of sleepless nights

Arink Verma
1 min readMay 9, 2018

Cheers to 100s of #flipster, for creating a milestone.

It’s not about foreign entity taking over, not even about over/undervaluation.

It’s a new energy all those young startups who have taken courage to fulfill their dream.

It’s a glory worth hundreds of sleepless nights.

It’s a belief that those sleepless nights do count, even if no-one is counting.

It’s a reference to be used to convince Indian parents about starting a startup.

It’s a hope for a middle-class that mediocrity is still fragile economically.

It’s a story for those who tired till the end, atleast now they can comprehend what they aimed for.

It’s a time for those who are still looking to start a startup.



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