Branding for love and friendship. Dilution of a social circle.

Real love and friendship by nature has to be unconscious and involuntary, that’s make it effortless too. But then why we brand acquaintance as friend?

The feeling of being in love can make you so high, that it will affect you involuntary, in an unconscious way and without any visible efforts. Going with the recent accident, I have never had any intention to fall for her but Murphy’s law came in action.

Also looking back to my childhood, I can’t recall any incidence when I added friends by invitation or request, in real life off-course. All my close friendship was an involuntary formation of human bound, may be due to common interest or common level of weirdness. My friend list in physical as well as on internet world is a bit long. Today to become friends, all you need to have at least one mutual friend on Facebook. Since, Facebook doesn’t allow to add acquaintance so everyone there is a friend.

They have to be true, not more

But as I grew up, things get more complicated in physical life. We feel unsociable by mentioning any classmate or colleague as an acquaintance, even if we don’t know anything about him/her. Because calling classmate as a classmate, not friends makes it so unemotional. Is it because of facebook that is changing the conceptual meaning of acquaintance to a friend? Or We want to gloss every human bond with emotion and love? Everyone loves to bask in the glory of achievement of sociability. Not closeness friendship, but its length of friend-list turns out to be a good parameter. As Its easy to measure a number of friends than the closeness of friendship.

Not just likes! Friends should give positivity

More so-called friends more like, which makes me more successful and popular. No, Don’t join an easy crowd. It is good to limit exposure to people who know nothing about you, but prefer to spend time with friends with the positive attitude. It is less illusionary to remain true to both their friends and acquaintances.

I still prefer old-school way of making friends. And use technology just as an extension to make the bond stronger. Try to meet them in person if you can. And should not brand everybody as a friend, without meaning it a bit. Because branding is only good for brands not for relations.

Code, arts, process and aspirations. co-Founded GreedyGame | IIT Ropar. Found at

Code, arts, process and aspirations. co-Founded GreedyGame | IIT Ropar. Found at